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10 min, 2013

'This moody, experimental portrait of
Austin State Hospital’s vacated spaces
is a ghostly memorial to the patients
who once stayed there.'

"Before having the medical meaning we give it, or that at least we like to suppose it has, confinement was required by something quite different from any concern with curing the sick. What made it necessary was an imperative of labor. Our philanthropy prefers to recognize the signs of a benevolence toward sickness where there is only a condemnation of idleness."


-- the crew --

producer, director, editor --------- Nathan S. Duncan
associate producer ---------- Belle Martinez-Olivares
cinematographer --------------------- Nathan Efstation
additional camera ------------------ Nathan S. Duncan
                                                          Nina Vizcarrondo
musical score ------------------------------- Beckett Hills
                                                              Danielle Moran
sound mix ------------------------------- Greg Armstrong


For more info on screening Ash plz contact:

nathansduncan AT gmail DOT com


Ash/Undocumented screening -- Full Frame 2013 -- thank you Deb Lewis for the photo!


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